I'm not a software expert, so feel free to give me advices

Remote control box with Arduino


Antenna rotator control box with Arduino


After wrote software for absolute encoders from DF1SR it went time to build a complete control box.

Being built piece by piece, I dont have a schematic and I won't do it, as the project is STOPPED

I decided to stop the project as I need a remote version so I can control antenna from my home, while

the control box is in the garage 60mt away.

This unit is full working with some parts incomplete.

The core is an Arduino MEGA, with 3.2" TFT

There are 2 IBT2H H-Bridge for motor drive, with different ramps for start and stop.

There is also a DS3231 RTC for time.

It's implemented an automatic moon ( or other object ) tracking, reading "YAESU protocol" via serial port.

The last addition was a TTL to RS485 Module, so I can read position from home, and move the antenna.