My new Lab, same equipment, but in my house

My Lab

My Lab

My old Lab

My Lab

W&G SPM12 Selective Voltmeter

2x HP 8640B RF Generator

HP432 Bolometer

IEP frequency counter

Eaton 2075B Noise measure

HP8569B Spectrum analyzer with HP 8444B tracking

432 MHz X-verter with Khune module


432 MHz X-verter RA304047M module


432 MHz X-verter filter tuning


432 MHz X-verter exterior


Remote control box for EME system

Arduino control box

50 MHz 500W Amplifier with Italab Module

50MHz PA

Upgrading K3 with I4YSS, IK4HLQ


After summer thunderstorm, I found my K3 I/O board was not working, after chip change I/O board was working again


FM Broadcast PA 4 x 4cx250 modified to 144 MHz 1993

inside view click for RF

X-Verter 28 MHz - 144 MHz 1993 ARRL Handbook design

recent test

New 144 MHz X-verter front end I0FTG design 2006

still without transformers

box with pass band filter. Thanks to Franco IW4APQ for silver plating

116 MHz local oscillator with thermal heater

Testion GI7b on 144 MHz 2006

gi7b test

4m OZ X-verter 2007

4m OZ X-verter

4m GI7B PA 2008 Still QRX

4m GI7B

4m 3e DK7ZB design 2007

3el 4m dk7zb