Ham sat activity

During 2020 lockdown I did few qso on AO-7 with 2mt EME system and 2x25JXX70 on 70cm

After those qso I decided to improve my home station in order to get easier access to the "birds"

The first step was to add the automatic sat tracking to my G5400 rotator

I built a simple Arduino interface that gets command from PC using Yaesu command set

then drives the G5400 using PST Rotator and SatPC32 software

Sat Track Arduino

Second step was to change antennas, I removed the 2x25JXX70 and installed a 13DK7ZB for 70cm, in addition I put a 8LFA for 2mt

Now with wider main lobes, tracking is easier and even without V pol I can almost every time copy my dowlink on RS-44

2023 because off the high traffic on Greecube I decided to install a bigger system, now I use 4x13 DK7ZB

Sat Antenna system 8LF + 13 DK7ZB
Sat Antenna system 8LF + 13 DK7ZB

After about 1 year I decided to get a new radio, the Yaesu FT736r with Mutek performs still very well but I wanted a modern one

so I get an ICOM 9700, easier to interface to PC for doppler correction and with a nice bandscope that helps a lot.

IC 9700 + IC 7300

I did some test with a preamplifier on 70cm in order to improve the reception on RS-44 but I found that the IC9700 is good enough

I have about 10 mt of Ecoflex15 cable + 5 mt of Ecoflex 10 from antenna to IC9700

So far I was able to work 91 DXCC entities and 391 squares.

Analog ODX is FG8OJ 7361 Km worked with AO7

Digital ODX is VK6PY 12698 Km worked with GREENCUBE